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Who are we?
Established in 1995 as the first and leading provider of online business information and Internet Solutions in Mainland China, Chinapages has served thousands of companies and institutions both at home and abroad by designing, developing and presenting professional business sites of international standard. and now on, we established our first specialized website oriented to chemical industry--China Chempages(http://www.chempages.com). Chinapages spares no effort in promoting the activities of business, economy, trade and investment between China and the world. We sincerely believe that by visiting our webpages and using our services, we can meet or even exceed your expectations.

What can we offer?
Full and systematic trade categories in which to search for companies or products of interest to you; Three different ways to search and locate correctly, conveniently and quickly; The chemical trade Business News and Economic Trends, which is updated daily, can help you thoroughly understand the chemical industry in China; Free and all-around personal services will greatly improve your business efficiency; On-line global business opportunities-what you want may be just before your eyes; And much more.......

Why we are the best?
First of all, chempages is the most resourceful business information website in China. You can easily find various products and company websites and latest supplies and demands Second, Chempages provides the most authoritative and comprehensive China business news and professional information such as relevant legal information, government policies and economic trends in chemical industry. This will help you to better negotiate with Chinese people.

Besides, we provide attractive professional services to frequent visitors.

If you register and become a member, you will enjoy services seldom found at other business websites in China, for example, you can use our Crosspost Program to post your trade leads to about one hundred business BBS, you can register you company to our database which will bring numerous traffic to your websites, you can receive biz express regurlarly if you want it, and more...

More importantly, as the earliest business site in China, Chinapages and Chempages can provide more effective services with its expertise and resources accumulated over years.

How to contact us?
If you want to do business with us, such as website promotion, webpages design, advertisement etc. please contact our market Department.
E-mail: market@chempages.com
Tel : 086-0571-8855294

If you want know more about our service details, please contact our service department.
E-mail: support@chempages.com
Tel : 086-0571-8812309

If you want to be our agent, please contact: Zhejiang Dife-Hope Information Developing Co.,Ltd
E-mail: fif@chinapages.com
Tel : 086-0571-8855215
Fax : 086-0571-8867302
Zip : 310012
Add : 18th floor, Zhejiang High-tech Mansion,No.212

Wen'er Road All right, begin your journey through this website. you can visit us whenever and wherever in the world. Good luck to you!