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Seeking for Cooperation!

In a world of sharing and Cooperation, Chempages will always be an open world. What we are seeking are common development and common prosperity. So we welcome any forms of cooperation from all parts of the world as long as they are based on the principle of equality and reciprocity. We should give play to each site's strong points and seek for sharing information and resources.

To begin with we'd like to exchange banners with other sites throughout the world and gradually find other ways to further our cooperation. Just write to us at:

Chempages Global Partners

'CHEM' site is only handling chemicals and advanced materials, which is
 designed to have buyers shop directly chemicals wanted in the directory
or buy chemicals wanted by posting offers and suppliers easily make
sales promotion of their products through 'CHEM' site.

beeschemOur major businesses are importing & exporting for chemical and pharmaceutical goods and arranging licensing in & out. This is not a web site just listing offers to buy/sell, we provide trade support to friends all over the world with our activity, organization and various channels. We sincerely welcome business discussion and cooperation with you.