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---- How to search?

---- How to register?

---- How to Post an offer?

---- How to register your company?

---- How to Login?

How to search?

I. Quick Search:
Chempages Search Engine helps you to locate quickly the product and enterprise information you need in this website. You may specify a keyword or set of keywords, and Chempages will search the corresponding database to find listings that match the keywords you provide. Here you have three options at your disposal: The first option is for seaching in our BBS. The second option allows you to search our enterprise database to find information of enterprises fitting your criteria. The search results within the third option are information of products related to your keywords.

Be sure to note that the search engine will:

Ignore single quotation marks. For example, the search results will be the same if you type " 'chemical engineering' " and "chemical engineering".

Ignore the blanks before and after the search words. For example, the search results will be the same if you type " chemical engineering " or "chemical engineering".

Adding blanks between the key words means the relationship of "or". For example, if you type "chemical engineering", the search results will be the information containing either in "chemical" or "engineering".

Adding "%" between the key words means the relationship of "and". For example, if you type "chemical%engineering", the search results will be the information containing both "chemical" and "engineering". It should be noted that there is a sequence of two searching conditions. For example, if you type "chemical%engineering", the search results will be information with the word "chemical" before "engineering". The information that contains the word "chemical" after "engineering" will not be shown.

II. Advanced Search:

The 'Advanced Search' option is to help further limit the search scale if there are too many search results. This is done by defining search conditions, and each condition is in the signal word "and", so that you can locate your information more precisely.

How to register?

Only registered member can access to our advanced services. So please take a minute to register, you won't be disappointed.

First, just press the Free Register button on the front page, you enter the register page. Second, fill out the form, be sure the information you enter is correct, we won't verify them. Third, press the submit button at the bottom of the form. When the confirmation page appears, you succeed in becoming our member.

Our member have following privileges:
1. Enjoy easy and effective business message posting services:
  • Gain access to the Member Area in our BBS. That means your messages will be shown on the first page of the Business Bulletin Board and will always come before those from non-members;
  • Have your posted messages tagged with "Member", thus helping you to obtain credit from customers;
  • Have your messages kept much longer on the BB Board (one month or longer for members and one week for non-members);
  • Get quick access to messages of your trade;
2. Enjoy fast and direct business e-mail services:
  • Get the opportunities to send e-mails directly to other members of Chinapages, and conduct business among the members;
  • Receive our free Business Weekly in your own mailbox;
How to Post an offer?

When you register, you can post you own offers of demands, supplies or biz opportunities.
  • Press the Post Offer button on any navigation bar;
  • Choose a proper directory and sub-directory for your message;
  • Fill out every field of the form correctly then press Send Out button.
  • Be sure you choose the correct directory;
  • Please fill in the true mailing address and other contact information .
  • Only reliable offer can be posted on our BBS, we reserve the right of editing and deleting any message on our Board.
  • We are not reponsible to any debutes caused by the messages posted by users.
How to register your company?

When you register our member, you can put your company's information into our database for searching. This process is much like the member registeration, what you need to do is fill out a form and press the finish button.

How to Login?

Go to the front page, fill your register name and password into the form at the right corner of the page. then press the OK button. you are successfully logged in.