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We always believe:
Services do not mean sweet smiles and tempting slogans. Therefore, we are always working hard to supply perfect and more effective services. After all, our customer's success is the best reward we can have.

Contact information:
Email: web@timevale.com
Add : Tower B, 16/F Tianyuan Building, 508 Wensan Rd, Hangzhou City 310012, P.R.China
Tel : 086-0571-88231036, 88231011
Fax : 086-0571-88231035



It is known to all that a perfect web service should include at least two kinds of services, construction and promotion. We have been striving to be leaders in these fields.

Domain name registration:

International domain: You can enjoy the registration priority of Chempages at Internic, and your domain name with ".com" will be guaranteed with security and accessibility.

Domestic domain: Easy, fast and reliable registration will help you start your Internet business trip successfully.

Domail Price:

Top level Domain 500.00(RMB) Two years
Top level Domain renewal 300.00(RMB)/year From the third year
China Domain 350.00(RMB)/year One year
China Domain renewal 350.00(RMB)/year Every year

Virtual server:

International: Super Speed Server Group in USA Valley Silicon, Seattle + The fastest leased line OC48 (bandwidth 2.5Gbps) + The world's first-rate services together with neighbors like Yahoo, Netscape...

Demestic : Two sets of Super Speed Servers + The 0C3 Leased line of Beijing Telegraph office --- the widest internet bandwidth in China + Providing access both to 163,169 .

Space rental:

The total hardware space is as large as 180 GB + Either platform of Unix/NT are available + Complete Functional web site program and database system development + The most rigorous firewall in the world--to guarantee your web security and promptness.

Space rental price:

Server in US 30M/month 60.00(RMB) Minimum rental space 30M,Add 20Yuan to every additional 10M
Server in China 30M/month 60.00(RMB)

Web scheming:

In compliance with your specific demands and by thoroughly studying, precisely orienting and meticulously planning, our customer program planning center is sure to make your website a satisfactory business tool with which you can easily get sufficient commercial opportunities.

Web page development:

The web page development department of Chempages is staffed with a group of first-class designers and experienced technicians. Under the strict test of net transmit, with expertise design and excellent professional technical management, your web site will be a great success.

Web Site Promotion:

Link to search engines: Chempages has entered partnership with more than 300 leading search engines that will guarantee your site to be indexed with these search engines.

Banner Advertising: Chempages provides customers with banner or logo ad space at competitive prices for you to promote your business, products and services worldwide.

Professional web site promotion: Any one of the excellent professional service staff we have will spare no effort in finding you on the related leading professional web sites your potential clients interested in your products. In other words, you are hiring an expert exploring the web market for you.

Professional trade leads posting:
We post your messages on dozens of leading business boards around the clock, which enables you to have more business chances and higher hit rate for your web site. If one day you happen to receive an order from a pacific island country, don't be shocked!

Unique services of Chempages

Analyzing the hit rate or visiting rate of clients' sites:
Chempages can trace visitors to your site and make an analysis of them and help you to learn where they come from, which part of the site they are interested in, the number of their revisits and how long they stay on your site, etc.

Product updating and ordering system: Once you insert this system on your website, your customer can enquire about the price of a certain product or make orders by simply clicking the mouse. On the other hand, you can modify your product information, check up on orders and send quotes by yourself with no need to learn those difficult skills.

Online business information service: Our professional service staff will be looking for the trade leads you need all the time. If necessary, they can make online investigations and searches for you.

Special Information Delivery:

Over the years, Chempages has accumulated a great databank of international businesses and organizations, buyers and sellers. We may recommend you or your products.

Free Email Magazine service system:

We provide two kinds of E-Magazine subscription service: l Trade News Subscription: Subscribe for our chemical trade news daily or weekly. l Trade leads Subscription: Subscribe for Chempages' trade leads to receive latest trade leads via E-mail!

Choose Chempages as your start point! You'll never be disappointed!